September 30, 2018


Amy Adams came into this world with a 12-pack of colored pencils and a quiver loaded with arrows of kickass!

She attended many schools, like Grassland Elementary, where at age five she won her first award for a fingerpainting entitled “Rainbow with Some Flowers on It.” Amy’s education continues daily in what has become her favorite institution: the College of Life (thanks, Louisa May).

After a brief cameo in the corporate world creating illustration and design for some major players, Amy started Amy Adams Studios over a decade ago – that totally rules the school!

Since the humble beginnings, this awesome full service illustration and design studio has been dedicated to producing only the most compelling and expressive creative output in both project and contract based ventures.

Specializing in colorful, emotive art, Amy Adams Studios’ captivating work has been seen on toys, websites, packaging, billboards, magazines, TV, and books. It’s also been created for some of the world’s biggest brands.

When she’s not professionally commanding aesthetic attention as a creative force of reckoning (Rarr!!), Amy can be found drawing for fun, writing books, sewing clothes, baking treats, singing, dancing, exploring, thinking, planning, laughing, and generally making a fun ruckus of things.

Thanks so much for your interest!

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TEL 323-250-2692